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Who is Happy Hands Cleaning Service?

Happy Hands Cleaning Service is an eco-friendly, veteran owned and operated cleaning service dedicated to providing quality and reliable service at an affordable cost.

What makes us different?

In the Army, we had certain ethos that we lived by. That no matter what, we will uphold those standards at all times. Happy Hands is the same way. We live by our core values. Our core values is what makes us who we are. In order to be happy, you have to live by certain things. Those things are:

Consistency: Our clients will NEVER have to wonder if they will receive the same service and experience each time. We strive to create a consistent experience each and every time we come out.

Reliability: Our clients are busy. Busy running their own businesses, or working, and thats why they call us to come to them. When an appointment is booked with us, our clients will NEVER have to wonder whether or not we will be there. We will be there each and every time, on time, ready to service with a smile.

Transparency: We never want our clients to feel like we are hiding something from them, or make them feel sold to or bamboozled. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible from scheduling, to prices, to the delivery of service. We are an open book. We work with our clients in mind and never for the sake of money. Each client is important to us and we want them to feel as such with every service.

Affordability: Times are hard, and in this economy with the cost of living sometimes, cleaning or a cleaning service can be unaffordable. Here at Happy Hands Cleaning, we will strive to be affordable for everyone. Our flat rates ensure affordability and you never will pay for services you don’t need.

How are we different from the billions of other cleaning companies out there?

Have you ever dreaded doing something? Ever have a long day and the very last thing you feel like doing is cleaning? Do you own a business or manage a company? We totally understand. Our goal is to understand your needs as our client and exceed those standards. We do not look at cleaning as a chore, so we can ensure that each client has the same experience each and every time. We are an eco- friendly company. We do not contribute to indoor pollution (yes it is a thing) in any way. We take pride in our work and we only hire the best professionals who take pride in their work too.

How can we make your life as our customer easier?

You tell us what you want to see happen and we execute. Its just that simple. You are not responsible for any supplies, or personnel. We provide all of that and ensure your standards are met. We are flexible, we work when the time works for you and we work until the job is done; no matter the time because we have no specific time limits.

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